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We're goin' live!

Published: 2009/02/01 at 14:00

A one-page-promotion-strategy web site has been deployed to explain the project in further detail.

Yes, we are going live! During the construction of real web site, we have decided to start a bit early. We constructed a temporary web site that should explain to visitors (and search engines!) what is this all about, as well as what is expected to happen (and how).

On this temp page you can subscribe to receive our newsletter (site updates by email) which we will use to notify you about any news on this web site, including the release of a final (usable) web site.

Enough talking, back to development. We all need to be able to make decisions quicker and easier, and that's what this is all about; faster we finish, sooner we'll all be able to do that.

VUXYS Development Team

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