What is GODESS4?


GODESS4 is, as it's name states, a fourth reincarnation of our decision support system.

The name GODESS is rather an anfortunate abbreviation of a phrase General-purpose Online DEcision Support System. It is a decision support system, and as such, it helps you make a decision for whatever goal you might have (learn how to use the system here).
The interface of GODESS4 was severely changed in the process. All phrases are now changed, and are more user-friendly, thus allowing it to accomodate a greater audience. With that in mind, the application is designed to be more powerful and to sustain a heavy user/goal.
API access as well as a blank label subdomain support allows integration of 3rd party web sites with GODESS4 system, as a back-end user-input processing system.


DecisionHero.com offers free decision making on any topic you can think of - it is entirely up to you. It will not make the decision for you; it will help you to make it yourself!


Before GODESS4, in the past we have released three variations of this application: